And the Winners are..

The Jury meeting of the International Composing Competition “2 Agosto” concluded – the XXII Edition of the contest is dedicated to scores for ballet scenes.

Maestro Nicola Sani presided the committee, with the Azerbaijani composer Günay Mirzayeva, the composer Girolamo Deraco, in addition to the choreographer Francesco Nappa, and the artistic director of the Competition Fabrizio Festa. The boardawarded the following prizes:
First Prize to Alessio Manega, twenty six year old composer and guitarist, with the score titled “Sincretesi Prima“, a piece avowedly progressive, openly inspired to that season of the Italian jazz-rock that had for protagonists groups such as PFM, New Trolls, Area, Perigeo. The theme of the ballet, however, refersto that seasonas well. It is a story of deportation, in which the protagonist is forcibly removed from hishomeland. Nevertheless he does not losehope, and continues to look for a better future.
Second Prize to  Giuseppe Ricotta, his work refers to the history of music and dance from the title: “Quattro Fauni in Fuga dal Tempo”. The faun –whoinspired Debussy and Nijinsky -, is now back into a playful score, all woven around a real fairy tale.
The third prize has been awarded to the French composer Matthieu Lechowski. “Le Grillage” is the title of his score, or: The Fence, this story has a political nature too.
The Jury also decided to award special mentions to two Russian composers: Danila Eliseev and Ilia Skibinsky.
The three winning scores will be performed live in Piazza Maggiore on August 2 by the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, conducted by Alessandro Cadario.

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