The Winners of XXVIII Edition of Concorso 2 Agosto are…

The jury, composed of Ivan Fedele (President), Charlotte Seither, Pasquale Corrado, Malika Kishino and Fabio Nieder, met last week and thoroughly examined all the scores in the competition.

Concorso 2 Agosto is proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Edition.

First prize:
Eugenio Mininni 
Composition title: (My room has) two doors

Second Prize:
Farzan Salsabili
Composition title: Pre[c]lude

Third Prize:
 Castellón Molina (Chile)
Composition title: a través de los océanos

Special Mentions:

Yuji Yao (China)
Composition title: Ascension

Francesco Mariotti (Italy)
Composition title: Ad Laetam